Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Testing

FAQ for Patients 

COVID-19 Testing

How long will it take to get test results?

Patient results will be ready in approximately 5-7 days. These results will include an online patient report that is generated based on the patient’s DNA analysis, other prescriptions, and lifestyle.

Will insurance cover the test?

PGx testing is covered by Medicare and many insurance providers. If insurance doesn’t cover the test, it will cost no more than $399 out of pocket.

Will I have access to my results?

Patients and their doctors will have access to a detailed patient report. Patients will continue to have access to the report even if they switch doctors, and the report will be updated as new research is performed and new treatments are approved.

Are test results secure?

Yes, only you and your clinician will have access to the results.

How do I get a test?

Contact you doctor or clinician to get the testing process started to personalize your treatment plan.