Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Testing

For Providers 

COVID-19 Testing

Once deciding to partner with Sinochips Diagnostics, you will receive DNA collection kits that consist of simple cheek swabs. 

After collecting DNA samples from patients, you’ll send these samples back to the lab for DNA analysis.

Patient results will be ready in approximately 5-7 days. These results will include an online patient report that is generated based on the patient’s DNA analysis, other prescriptions, and lifestyle.

The patient report will be released to you to help inform the best way to treat your patient. The patient report will be updated with new medications as research becomes available and can viewed by the patient and used by other clinicians and specialists.

Using the detailed patient report, you will be able to adjust treatment plans to fit your patient’s needs. The reports will help avoid adverse side effects and circumvent trial-and-error prescriptions. Using the reports, you can be confident in prescribing accurate dosages and medications, and you will be able to reference these results anytime in the future.