Sinochips Diagnostics is helping communities and health systems safely navigate through this pandemic by leveraging our state-of-the-art CLIA lab to provide a rapid, accurate, and highly scalable solution to detect active COVID-19 infections

Comprehensive Panel

Sinochips Diagnostics provides the most comprehensive solution in pharmacogenetic testing. We take into consideration patient history, potential drug interactions, and lifestyle factors in conjunction with genetics to provide a clear answer on what medications will be the most effective for each individual and why. We test 87 SNPs that cover all drug classes to provide patients and clinical partners a thorough breakdown of patient results and sensitivities. This detailed patient report will be available for a lifetime, and each person only needs to take the test once to benefit from the results indefinitely. Our user-friendly platform allows patients and providers to delve into the specifics of the results, and how they can best be used to create optimal treatment plans.