Pain Management Panel

Every year, more than 50 million inpatient surgeries are performed in the United States. Pain management medications are critical during the recovery phase. Due to insufficient postoperative pain management, up to 86% of patients still suffer from moderate to severe pain after major procedure. Prescription opioids have been identified as one of the main initiators of the ongoing opioid epidemic. In United States, more than 70,000 individuals died from drug overdose, and 1.6 million people misused prescription pain relievers for the first time in in 2019. 

Genomic testing can predict how a patient responds to pain medications such as codeine and Tramadol. Many patients struggle through a complicated process of trial and error to find an effective medication without problematic side effects. Genetic variations play a critical role in a patient’s ability to metabolize medications. Our pharmacogenomic (PGx) pain management panel provides a comprehensive and accurate investigation into drug-gene and drug-drug interactions for pain management medications based on a patient’s unique genetic makeup.